Beware of gray hair before 30 years, this could be a sign of these 4 conditions

White or gray hair is synonymous with old age. This hair color change naturally occurs with age. However, some people may experience this hair color change more quickly.

Some people can accept it calmly, but some are trying to hide it. Moreover, you are still young.

However, discoloration of hair or gray hair that has been seen before the age of 30 can be a warning sign. The following is reported from the Bright Side , some of the causes of hair change before the age of 30.

1. Heart disease

If your hair is graying faster, try to check the health condition of your heart. Scientists reveal that this rapid change in hair color is often associated with a high risk of ischemic heart disease.

2. Lack of vitamins D3 and B12

A balanced diet is sufficient to prevent or slow down hair change. Scientists found that a deficiency in vitamins B12 and D3 causes a loss of melanin, which can change hair color.

3. Smoker

Smoking habit is also one of the causes of hair color change faster. Smoking has been shown to cause gray hair so it is better to reduce it. In fact, this habit can lead to hair loss.

4. Accumulation of peroxides

Generally, hair follicles produce very little hydrogen peroxide. However, the accumulation of peroxide can change hair color. This condition can be treated with compounds that activate UVB, which are also used to treat skin pigmentation disorders.

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