Family Economic Level Affects the Age of Children Exposed to Social Media, How Can?

The latest survey reveals the economic level has an impact on the early age children are exposed to social media . How come?

Reported by Antara, research results from NeuroSensum Indonesia Consumers Trend 2021: ocial Media Impact on Kids show that 92 percent of children from low-income households know social media early.

Family Economic Level

Even as many as 87 percent of children in Indonesia have been introduced to social media before turning 13 years of age.

On average, Indonesian children get to know social media at the age of 7. Of the 92 percent of children who came from low-income families, 54 percent were introduced to social media before they were 6 years old.

“The use of social media in low-income households starts when the child is around 7 years old, earlier than middle-to-upper income households, which is 9 years old,” said Rajiv Lamba, CEO of NeuroSensum & SurveySensum, in a statement.

This figure is a significant number when compared to high-income households where only 34 percent used social media before they reached that age.

For information, social media giants such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, impose a minimum age limit for users of 13 years.

“Even though they have not met the lower age limit for social media accounts, parents ultimately provide social media access so that children are busy and parents can focus on doing their work,” said Rajiv.

To see parental awareness and concern for their children’s use of social media in Indonesia, NeuroSensum launched a survey in February to understand children’s awareness of social media use among parents and their concerns about children’s use of online media.

NeuroSensum conducted a survey of 269 respondents (52 percent men and 48 percent women) in 4 major cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, Bandung and Surabaya) and found some interesting information.

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